Coping with motherhood while you are working on your thesis is a very tough task and it will not only leave your mentally tired but you will be washed out physically too because you will have too much to do and too little time or assistance unless you hire a full-time nanny.  If you are trying to manage youth education as well as looking after your baby all by yourself, you must be ready to face some really hard time as small babies require a lot of attention and so does writing a thesis.

Being part of a white collar environment

You will need to be attentive at all times, give up almost everything except your baby and focus on your education to complete the thesis as soon as possible. The more you linger and the more you draw time, the tougher it will be to manage both these things at once. This article is a guide and brings you some effective tips to cope with motherhood while working on your thesis and how you can make things easy for you in the long run.

Time management

Learn to manage your time and study at times when the baby goes to sleep. For this, you might have to establish your baby’s sleeping routine first so do it and make sure you get two to three hours to work on the thesis when the baby is sleeping. This will give you solid time to do some research or even write the paper as there will no baby to look after and you will be at peace to focus on the assignment.

See how your baby cooperates with you

You must see how peaceful or cranky your baby is at times and make sure that you work at times when your baby is playing quietly or is just happy to be on his or her own and relax as this is also a good time for you to relax and do some work. You can just go through the books and notes and skim them for information as it will save you time later when you get on to actually working on the thesis.

Get some reliable assistance for a few hours

If you have someone living with you, ask them to look after the baby for a few hours every day so that you have some time to work on the thesis. Make sure the baby is fed and the diaper is changed so that you are not disturbed after a short while and you have undisturbed time to focus on the assignment.

Coping with motherhood while you have a thesis to write is not easy and you must be prepared to work hard in the snippets of time you get because babies are unpredictable and can get sick or cranky anytime.  Thus, it is advised that you make the most of any free time you get so that you are done with the thesis as soon as possible and submit it on the right time without falling back on schedule.

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