Content Writing With a MacBook

One of the benefits of content writing with a Macbook is the productivity it provides. While it is true that many software applications are available, you will likely need a combination of several to produce your best work. I recommend using a combination of Scrivener, iA Writer, Craft Docs, Pages, and iBook Pro to produce quality content. Here are some of my favorites:


Using Scrivener for content writing with your Macbook is an excellent choice if you often bounce between the web and your word processor. Jumping from one to the other can create distractions. However, Scrivener keeps your research close to your fingertips. It has a special folder called “Research,” to which you can add live web pages with a right-click or by hovering over “Add” in the top-right corner. This way, your research will be available even when you’re offline.

Another feature of Scrivener that makes it a great choice for content writers is the corkboard view. This view can be used to brainstorm, take notes, and organize your content. Using the corkboard view allows you to make changes to your document and see an outline of it. While you’re brainstorming, you can also add images or other notes. You can also use Scrivener’s “notes” feature to keep track of your research.

IA Writer

If you want to write content on a MacBook, you should consider using iA Writer. This app is not only convenient but also easy to use without the need to read long user manuals. Its focus mode will blind everything except the sentence or paragraph you are working on. You can also write and edit one sentence at a time. iA Writer offers options like MS WORD EXPORT, PDF-PREVIEW, and syntax highlighting, which are common in writing applications.

iA Writer for Macbook supports iCloud as a file storage system. As it does not offer access to the OS X file system, you should use an alternative storage service. iA Writer supports dragging and dropping files from the Finder to the application’s Locations tab. You can also create sub-folders within folders. When highlighting a folder, the contents of the folder are displayed. You can choose to save to any location you like. iA Writer automatically saves your work often.

Craft Docs

If you’re looking for a productivity tool that makes content writing easy, consider Craft Docs for your MacBook. The fast-growing writing app recently won the Mac App Store’s 2021 “Best of 2021” award. Its innovative features make it a useful productivity tool for anyone looking to improve their writing process. And, it works seamlessly with your Macbook and Apple Pencil. Check out the Craft review to see what it can do for you.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Craft is its refined and tasteful design. For starters, every paragraph is a separate document, and you can nest them on different levels. In addition, the sidebar only shows the highest-level documents, which can make it hard to locate the ones you’re looking for. But once you’ve figured out where you’re looking, Craft will help you find everything.


One of the best features of the Pages application for MacBook is its ability to create word-processing and page layout documents. You can change the fonts and colors, add images and hyperlinks, and even insert YouTube videos and links. You can even create a document in another language with Pages, and easily convert it to a different format later on. Pages can also help you edit documents that have been created in Word and other word-processing programs.

Pages also come with built-in book templates that let you create interactive books that are available in EPUB format. You can also add text, images, and a table of contents. You can even make your documents available for purchase or download in Apple Books. Pages also allow you to collaborate with others on a document and invite them to edit and make changes. You can also use Pages to create PDFs. But remember that there are still a few downsides to Pages.

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