The dissertation is usually the final stage of the master’s degree. The dissertation is the illustration of the fact that the student is capable of collecting the raw data, organizing it and compiling it in the form of a written document. The dissertation should be written in such a way that it should demonstrate the skills of the collection of the data and its organization as well as representation. The kind of writing in the dissertation is different from the other forms of writing, as it is known to show the bigger picture of the research.

There is a certain style that needs to be followed in the case of the dissertation. One of the main facts that need to be mentioned here is that the dissertation is a formal document. The main style that is used in the dissertation is the third person single passive. The research and the content of the dissertation need to be expressed in an objective manner.

All of the chapters in the dissertation are the ones that have an introduction and a conclusion. the introduction provides the reader with the layout of what is in the dissertation. On the other hand, each introduction of the chapter should talk about the conclusion of the previous chapter. The introduction and conclusion of the chapters are the ones that act as links smooth the transitions among the chapters.

All of the questionnaires that are used in the dissertation are the ones that need to be approved by the supervisor. If the surveys are to be carried out with the companies, the acceptance of the companies needs to be taken. In these cases, the questions need to be academically and grammatically correct.

In the case of the citations and references, the model and the style is generally provided by the university itself. It is important that the referencing system of the thesis remains correct and in accordance with the guidelines of the university. If the style of citation is not followed in an accurate manner, it leaves the thesis open to the suspicion of plagiarism.

Within the text, the citation is where it is mentioned that the sentence or the information that has been taken or added comes from the mentioned reference. The reference, in this case, has the information of the author along with the date of publication. Each citation is the one that needs to be supported by a reference.

End of text referencing is a list of references at the end of the thesis that contains the list of books as well as articles. There is a certain style to write the reference of the books and the articles. The text notes are also an important part of the thesis where additional information is given about certain sections of the thesis. These are presented in the form of footnotes as well as endnotes. They need to be kept very brief. They are given in the parenthetical insertions.

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