An informative essay is an important type of essays. The main aim of writing an informative essay is to educate the readers about a particular topic. An informative essay has a lot of functions like it can define a term, it can compare two things, it can contrast two things, and it can also analyze a particular thing. A writer should try to persuade the readers with the help of an informative essay. If you are not able to write an informative essay, then you can get help with essay writing services. An informative essay about whether planets nine exist is given below;

In the planetary science, the most debated and hotly question is that whether ninth planet exists or not. In actual, the planetary scientists have discovered only eight planets and they have provided only a few hints about the existence of the ninth planet. According to them, there is a possibility that there may exist a ninth planet in this universe. The estimated size of this planet is four times than our earth and its mass is also ten times than our earth. Recently, the scientists have provided a new study report about the existence of the ninth planet in the universe.

As far as there come the concern of astronomers, then we come to know that they have found some evidence about the existence of the ninth planet named Pluto. According to these astronomers, this planet is just like our earth but its size is four times greater than our earth and its mass is ten times heavier than the mass of our earth. Now, the problem is that it is never seen in our solar system and so far, it is also hidden from the sun.

Anyhow, if this is discovered, then it will become a cause of excitement in our solar system. Its reason is that it will be totally different from anything else in our universe because there is a possibility that it is greater than our earth and it is smaller than some other planets like Uranus and Neptune. According to the calculations of the astronomers, it will take 10,000 to 20,000 years in order to complete one complete orbit around the sun.

If the astronomers are able to confirm the existence of a ninth planet in this universe with the help of powerful telescopes, then we will have to rewrite the definition of our solar system. Moreover, it will also provide enough knowledge to the astronomers about its violent past. Its discovery will also provide a chance to the astronomers to solve different mysteries.

Anyhow, in the last 150 years, the planetary scientists have done a lot of observations about our solar system. The result of these observations is that our solar system is still incomplete. Moreover, the planetary scientists have also gathered a lot of evidence about the existence of a ninth planet but they are not successful to discover the ninth planet. Therefore, we can say that there exist only eight planets in our solar system and mystery about the ninth planet is still unknown to the astronomers.

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