A checklist is a list of all the items, things, information, and facts that are necessary to write in an essay or any other form of academic paper. You can use a checklist as a systematic check in order to make sure that your essay is written by following all the requirements and guidelines of the essay prompt. Before going to write an essay, you should try to prepare a checklist and there is no need to submit an essay without verifying this checklist. If you are not able to prepare a checklist for your essay, then you can get help from essay writing services. The best tips to prepare a checklist for your essay are given below;

  • Have you written an essay by following all the instructions and guidelines of the assignment prompt?
  • Have you followed all the formatting requirements of an essay?
  • Have you attached a references list along with an essay by following an APA or MLA citation style?
  • Have you provided enough in-text references from where you have gathered enough information about your essay?
  • Have you addressed the required feedback from your supervisor or advisor in the essay?
  • Is the title of your essay is intriguing and interesting to the audience?
  • Have you written such a mind-blowing essay introduction that provides a complete sense of the essay topic?
  • Have you formulated a suitable thesis statement in the introductory section of your essay?
  • Are all the arguments of your thesis statement are supported with the help of suitable examples, evidence, and quotes?
  • Have you used a topic sentence near the beginning of your essay introduction?
  • Is each paragraph of your essay unifies only one idea?
  • Is there a solid interaction between all the sentences and paragraphs of your essay?
  • Have you used clear and good transitions in order to interact all the paragraphs of your essay?
  • Is there a solid interaction between a thesis statement and each paragraph of your essay?
  • Have you followed the professional word count while creating different sections of your essay?
  • Have you followed the professional structure of an essay?
  • Has the body of your essay consists of three equal paragraphs?
  • Have you written a mind-blowing conclusion in your essay?
  • Has your essay is free from the plagiarism issues?
  • Has your essay is free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes?
  • Have you proofread and edited your essay?
  • Have you taken the reviews of the experts in order to ensure the best quality of your essay?
  • Is the content of your essay following the logical flow?
  • Have you used all the transition words in an essay in an effective way?
  • Have you provided the importance of examples and evidence in your essay?

When you are going to submit an essay, then you should try to take a review of this checklist. You can provide the answers to these important questions in ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. If all the answers to these questions are in ‘YES’, then you can submit your essay with the hope of getting the best grades.

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