Challenges to Balance Studies

The past year has proved to be very challenging; it would not be wrong to say that it has been extraordinarily challenging for universities and students and the disruption seems to be persistent despite the measures being taken to get things back to normal. The demands on academic staff and students have been quite stressful and continue to pose challenges which have made it very tough for them to balance things. Students have faced a lot of problems during the past year and there seems to be no end as the universities and colleges are still closed, the virus does not seem to be ending, the overall financial conditions do not seem promising and there is a lot that needs to be done to balance studies in the current year and ensure their academic grades and performances do not suffer.

During the past year, students and teachers have radically redefined their roles in higher education, and in trying to do so, they have met with several difficulties that challenged their determination and invention. While they were able to come up with solutions for various problems, there are so many problems that are yet to be addressed and remain a challenge for students as well as educators. This article by a dissertation writing service discusses in detail some of the current challenges that are faced by students and how they can be managed the right way to bring balance and a sense of stability back to the academic routine this year.

Better Use Of Technology:

These days the entire world is depending on technology to get them when nothing else seems to be working. From science to education and e-commerce, everything looks up to technology to provide solutions and make things work out. While it has played a significant role in learning, technology still has immense potential to deepen and support learning outside the classroom and help students reach out to their teachers at a time when they are confused and worried about their future.

Students can look forward to organizing their academic life in a much better way using technology in its various forms. Technology can make their learning experience more engaging, enriching, and accessible too and they can interact with their mentors as well as peers to bring more balance to their academic life, making it as close to normal as possible.

Better Ways Of Student Engagement:

Keeping students engaged is a very challenging task especially when they are away from the class. Online classes have their benefits but sometimes they are unable to keep the students hooked to the lectures and assignments as there are so many other things to do online and lack of constant monitoring and engagement can lead to a lapse of attention. During the past year, students have been forced to learn online only and this has created trouble for many because without any physical presence, keeping students engaged in what is going on is very challenging.

No matter how interesting and interactive the online discussions might be, no one can promise 100% student engagement; while they might be present online, there is no guarantee they will be attentive and listening to what the teacher is saying or understanding it well. Thus, it is left for the educators to find out ways and means that can keep students engaged in class to help them remain enthusiastic about what they are studying and working hard to achieve their goals.

Students As Partners In Education:

Learning requires a significant commitment from students and when it comes to online learning, it requires even more effort because when they are not present in the class, they need to ensure that nothing is missed and they do not lag. To overcome the challenges that educators are facing in keeping students engaged in the learning process, the student’s role will have to change and they must be considered as partners in learning. The best thing to do in this regard is to encourage students to co-design activities and assessments that make them active participants in learning.

Students can play a significant role in shaping the format of live activities by giving regular feedback which makes it easy for educators to plan their lessons and lectures and help to create a balance in studies. When they will be given important roles, it will not only enhance student engagement but also give them a chance to become an active partner in the academic process.

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The current challenges are a serious problem for the educational sector and it is up to the educators to learn from these challenges to improve learning and teaching for the future and make sure that 2021 manages to bring a positive change in students’ lives.

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