A resit is an opportunity to pass an examination. However, if you have failed any modules at resit then university regulation does not permit you to continue to the next year. The Board of Examiners will allow the students to retake their examinations. You should achieve 40% marks in your resits examination. If you fail the resit, you may be able for a retake. The board of Examiners can require you to:

  • Withdraw from the course
  • Repeat the year

 Retake (4.5 of the common credit framework at university)

A retake gives the students an opportunity to retrieve the failed unit during the next academic year. It also requires repeating the unit entirely, including all assessment of the exams. The students will be liable for the appropriate tuition fees.

 External students

An external student is required to repeat assessments (i.e. re-sit end of the year exams) in a module, but is not required to attend throughout the year. There is no in course assessment. External candidates are not registered in the university; therefore, they do not pay tuition fees. However, you can become an associate member of the Guild Card. External students will remain in their limits in the university.

A student may be eligible for a retake in any of these situations:

  • The component has been failed at the Resit Board of Examiners
  • The component has been postponed at the Resit Board
  • The student has botched more than 50% of the credit for which the student was registered at the university.

  How to apply for Retake

  • Download a resit application from the provisional marks page
  • Fill out the form of your resits
  • Write all the re-assessment before the deadline
  • Pay the fee of admission for a retake
  • Email the completed form to university

     Change the course

Sometimes students decide to change the course. If you want to change the course at the university then this can be done via an internal transfer. Get hold of the prospectus and chose the course you want to transfer. Make sure you have all the information about your new course. You can sign a transfer form. You should explain the entire situation that why are you changing the subject. You should accept the new course with heart. It may be difficult for you, but, you should carry on in order to pass an examination. You can gain good grades in your retake exams. It may be a difficult task for you.

Registration options:

  1. Become an external candidate
  2. Repeat the year
  3. Change your program of study
  4. Withdraw from the university

Retake exams take place in August (during the two weeks prior to the August bank holiday). It is not possible to find out the exact date of an exam before you apply to retake. This is, because, we write the timetable on the university dates.

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