It is possible to improve your grades by self-editing your essay, assignment and dissertation. Many students lose their grades, because, they do not follow the rules of writing. You should follow the rules of writing in order to improve your grades. A well-written work can give you good grades. Some student is losing their grades, because, they are not following the rules of writing. The rules of writing are most important to write the best dissertation, paper or any piece of work. Some students find it difficult to write a great essay. Therefore, you should follow all these writing rules in order to write a great piece of work. You should improve your grammar. These types of mistakes are costing your grades.

This article will explain the rules of writing that you should follow to improve your grades.

  • Spelling and consistency

Spelling is a very important feature of essay writing that numerous students overlook. You should check the spelling of your piece of writing. An error-free work can improve your grades. Once you have completed your writing first draft, you should check it. It is also very important that you are consistent throughout your essay.  This applies many things such as spelling check, grammar check, heading and power words.

  • Power words

You should use power words in your essay. You can improve your grades with the use of power words. Some effective words can attract the attention of the readers. Therefore, you must follow this rule in order to increase your grades. This method is really helpful for all the students. You should capitalize every first word of the sentence. This is very beneficial to improve your grades.

  • Grammar

It is very difficult to write an essay with wonderful grammar. There are many rules in the grammar that you should follow. You can hire an editor to edit your essay. You can get help from a professional writer to check your grammar.

  • Paragraphing

Many students write paragraphs that are too long. The best paragraph explains only one main point in the essay or any other piece of writing. Therefore, you must follow this rule and write main points in different paragraphs. Along paragraph confuse to the reader. You must write to the point and in a unique manner.

  • Repetition

Many students lose their grades by repeating their words and concept. You should know that a separate thing can cost your grades. You can use new words in your writing. You must follow this rule to improve your grades.

  • Formal language

When inscription an academic essay, you must use formal language. You should not use contraction such as ‘don’t, and, ‘can’t. You should use ‘do not ‘and cannot. This word can increase your grades.

  • Polish your writing

After you have written your draft, you should edit it before submission. It is the most beneficial rule that you must follow to improve your grades. You should read it carefully. If you will follow all these rules, you can improve your grades.

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