Secondary Languages

Secondary language is a language learned by a person after his or her native language. A secondary language is widely used in educational and governmental functions where all speakers are nonnative. In this argumentative essay, we will argue why secondary languages are important. If you are unable to write an essay on secondary language, then you should get help from the professional writers of coursework writing services.

What are the languages?

Languages are key factors of any family, community, culture and the human race. Without any specific language, the today world would be much different. Language is a pattern of behaviours and skills, because, it gives the ability to speak, read and write. Secondary languages are remarkable and inspiring for human beings. It is most important to understand more than one language. Students should be required to take at least two years of foreign language class in order to get many benefits.


The first important language is Mandarin. This language has an extensively verbal language in the world. It is said that 950 million people speak this language. It is a very popular and outstanding language in the world. Most people use this language in their businesses. According to the modern research, 14% people of the earth use this language. Basically, it is a historical language.  However, it is a well-known language all around the world.


The next and most famous language is Arabic, currently the fourth most widespread language used online today. This is very amazing and realistic language.  It is also considered that Arabic is the first language on the earth. Arabic speaking countries are powerful in the world. The economic position of an Arabic country is very strong. Arabic speaking countries are the middle part of the discussion concerning complex biased and communal and educational substance. A person who has an Arabic degree can get a higher-paid job in any country.  A person who is able to speak the Arabic language can be considered high reputational men. Any individual who possesses the wherewithal to be able to learn a good degree of Arabic will put them in an excellent position for high-end diplomatic job forecast in the near and distant future.


Spanish is another well-known language in the all around the world.  There are a few languages that are widely speaking in the world, in which, Spanish is one. There are 410 million people across the globe use Mandarin language. It is considered the best language all around the world. It is a very popular language that is useful for business. Basically, languages are the pattern of behaviours and communications.

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English is another well-known and famous language all around the world. It is an international language. It is a very beneficial language for all the persons. Modern technology revolves around the English language. According to modern research, 70% of people use the English language in their houses as well as schools. This is a very famous and popular language across the globe.

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