Distance Learning Education

Distance education means education process in which students are not present physically. It is quite different from the traditional method of education. Distance learning means getting an education via the internet. Through the use of technology, millions of students are getting distance learning.  Virtual classroom, m-learning, distributed learning, online learning, and e-learning are the term of distance learning. Distance education can be delivered in two modes such as synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.  Although, the internet has made it easier for gas trouble-free to get distance education learning, yet it has many drawbacks.

Diverse Geographical Difference:

Told by a dissertation proposal writing service, the capacity of the internet can support the voice, method and education but it is not able to deliver non-verbal expression. Distance learning is flexible but its traditional method is better than it. Due to the diverse geographical, economic, cultural and social issue, students are forced to join distance learning.  Along with that, the student can participate in their educational process without any difficulty. If you are physically disabled and ill then you can continue your learning process.

Time Management Difficulties:

However, distance learning has many drawbacks that can leave a negative impact on the minds of the students. Modern researchers have criticized the distance learning system. According to the Washington state college report, distance learning is not effective, because it is the cause of a large number of students’ drawbacks. Students find it most difficult, because, they don’t comprehend it easily. They often feel the language as well as time management difficulties.

Culture Difference:

Distance learning has a culture difference drawback. In distance learning, students belong to different areas. Indeed, there is a big geographical difference between students and teachers. Students often find it most difficult, because, they don’t comprehend the language of the students. Due to the geographic difference, students and teacher belong to different dialects. They don’t comprehend the awareness and potential conflicts and hence they have less learning skills.

Inconsistence Motivation:

Another drawback of the distances learning is lack of motivation. Students have confirmed that they become the victim of a lack of motivation in distance learning. Instead of that, they remain motivated in the traditional method. For example, if a student completes his assignment in the classroom in a given task. He will delay without the traditional method of learning. The traditional atmosphere of the classroom is more reliable and effective. In distance learning, the student has to develop self-motivation. It is the truth that the student cannot give importance to distance learning.

Difficulty Interacting With Peers:

In the traditional method of classroom and learning system, students always cooperate with their class fellows. The traditional classroom environment is reliable and stress-free for the students. Students learn in a computational environment and learn more. However, it is also useful to solve difficulties and build relationships. On the other side, distance learning means isolated learning. Students don’t cooperate in distance learning. Students enjoy many other activities in the classroom. For example, the process of group discussion solves a lot of difficulties of the students.

Don’t Receive Immediate Feedback:

Students don’t receive immediate feedback in distance learning. In the traditional classroom, the teacher checks your classwork in a few minutes. After the checking process, they declare your weakness as well as strengthen.  It means that the teacher is tracking to you and they give you immediate feedback. On the other side, distance learning does not provide you with immediate feedback. It is a drawback in which students face a lot of difficulties. Often they feel worried that what will be the responsibility of their teacher. I would like to suggest all the students that they should follow the traditional method of learning instead of distance learning. They should comprehend that the traditional method of learning is better than distance learning.

Contact Difficulties:

Students do not feel contact difficulties in the simple method of learning. They ask their teachers the entire question in which they are feeling some difficulties. Students are helpless when they find difficult in their projects, because, they are bound to ask some questions or answers from their instructor in the schedule meetings. Without a scheduled meeting, they feel a lot of difficulties.  Due to the long distance, students are unable to complete their task on time. The feeling of isolation is also a drawback of online learning. Due to the plague, students face internet breakdown. Distance learning activities are less interesting as compared to the traditional method of learning.

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